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every productWe believe every product has a story and if you listen closely enough, it will tell you of the hands that held and crafted it with care. We think no one should be exploited for the things we buy and that our everyday purchases can have a positive impact on communities around the world. When you buy fair trade, you contribute to a cycle of empowerment that is sustainable for people and the planet.

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Fair Trade Winds + Momentum

Welcome to Fair Trade Winds + Momentum, a family owned and operated independent fair trade store. We have seven stores across the country that all carry a variety of practical fair trade gifts that are handmade by talented artisans from around the world. Discover unique, sustainable products from over 100 fair trade producer groups. When you shop fair trade, you are voting for a more fair world. Every purchase counts.

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What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a system of trade that focuses on transparency, respect and equality. We support fair trade because we believe it is important to consider the lives and livelihood of the people who make the things we buy. Fair Trade ensures a fair, living wage, a healthy, safe and non-discriminatory work environment, and a commitment to building long-term partnerships that dignify an artisan’s work.

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