5 Ways to Be Fair for Fair Trade Month

5 Ways to Be Fair for Fair Trade Month
October 7, 2013 Sarah Culler

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5 ways to be fair:

As you may or may not know, October is Fair Trade Month – time to celebrate all things fair!  Fair Trade began as a movement and is still evolving and growing today.  In order for it to continue growing, we must continue to Buy Fair, Think Fair, Share Fair, Give Fair and just Be Fair.  Here are 5 ways you can Be Fair this month (and all the other months too!):

1) Buy Fair The Fair Trade Federation has a cool search tool on their website that allows you to search for a store or cafe that sells Fair Trade products.  You just select your state.  Give it a try.  You might be surprised to find there are some places to Buy Fair Trade near you! http://www.fairtradefederation.org/find-a-storecafe/ If you don’t have a fair trade store near you, you can always shop online. Did you know there was a Fair Trade App?  It’s called the Fair Trade Finder – you just open it on your phone or Facebook and check out what Fair Trade products are near you on the map.  If you find new products, stores or cafes, you can upload your own photos and add them to the map so other people can find them too!  You can find it on the app store here.

2) Think Fair Do you consider yourself a fair person?  Do you think it’s important to Think Fair?  Fair Trade is all about being fair to those around you in your everyday life and then extending that fairness to the people who grow or make the things you buy. Fair Trade USA made a quiz you can take to test your fairness.  How do you think you’ll do?  They also report which city is the most fair and whether men or women are more fair.  (Tell us in the comments who you think is more fair or if you think your city is pretty fair!) Take the test at http://befair.org Did you know there were Fair Trade Universities and Fair Trade Towns?  Check out their sites to see how to get your town or University involved! (Keep an eye out for our next blog post which will be an inside look into how a school becomes a Fair Trade University!)

3) Share Fair One of the best ways to keep the movement going strong is to Share Fair whenever you can.

Tell your friends and coworkers about Fair Trade.

Follow your favorite Fair Trade groups on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterestGoogle Plus

The theme for this year’s Fair Trade month is Be Fair, so be sure to tag your posts with #BeFair, the more people see the hashtag the better!

Share photos, stories and updates on your own social media channels

Share a recipe that uses Fair Trade ingredients like sugar, chocolate, quinoa, molasses, vanilla or fruit.  Here’s some go-to recipes:




4) Give Fair Another great way to be fair is to Give Fair.  There are only so many things we can buy for ourselves, but next time you have a friend or relative’s birthday, wedding or special event coming up, try to remember that you could get them a Fair Trade gift.  Or there are Fair Trade cards if that’s all you need.  Giving a Fair Trade gift or card is a great way to spread the word and give something really meaningful.

5) Be Fair This one is pretty self-explanatory – just Be Fair in all the ways you can think of!  If everyone is fair and gets treated fairly, the world will be a better place.  It may sound a little simplistic, but it seems so obvious and it really can be accomplished if we Buy Fair, Think Fair, Share Fair, Give Fair and Be Fair! For a list of all the events happening around the country in honor of Fair Trade Month, visit the Fair Trade Resource Network’s website: http://www.fairtraderesource.org/link-up/events-calendar/ Okay, now get out there and Be Fair! Did you spot Fair Trade bananas at your grocery or make some cookies with Fair Trade sugar?  Did you send someone a Fair Trade get well card?  Did you switch to Fair Trade coffee at work?  Share your Be Fair stories in the comments below – we’d love to hear your ways to be fair!

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