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  • modern soul playlist

    Freshly Cut Soul

    There’s little that’s more enjoyable than intoxicating soul music on a sunny day. We’ve compiled a playlist of freshly cut soul to accompany the growth and possibility of spring and summer.

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  • world fair trade day open doors

    World Fair Trade Day: Open Doors

    May 13th is World Fair Trade Day! This year, join us as we celebrate the inclusivity of fair trade relationships and the fair trade community’s efforts to open doors for artisans and farmers around the world.

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  • earth day everyday

    Earth Day Everyday with Fair Trade

    One of the guiding principles of fair trade is environmental sustainability, and caring for the earth and each other is…

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  • reggae revival playlist

    What We’re Spinning: Reggae Revival

    Much like fair trade as a whole, contemporary reggae demands justice while celebrating and loving the people that inspire the causes of justice and equity. This week’s playlist is jam packed and explores the sonic and lyrical diversity of a new generation of inspiring reggae artists.

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  • fair trade hibiscus sangria

    Fair Trade Hibiscus Sangria

    Thanks to the juicy sweet pineapple and oranges and the dried black currant, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry fruit in the Little Berry Hibiscus Tea, this sangria recipe doesn’t need any added sugar to be delicious, unlike traditional sangria recipes. Get the recipe!

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  • warm quinoa salad

    Fair Trade Almond Quinoa Salad

    This bright, filling salad can be served warm or cold and would be an excellent side dish to any springtime meal, or eat on its own for a nutritious lunch. The mint and lemon make each bite fresh and lively, and the almonds and arugula add a texture-filled crunch.

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  • bunny fruit platter

    Fair Trade Fruit Platter Bunny

    Give your next brunch a full spring theme with this cute fruit platter bunny. Watch our how-to video in our latest post! (It’s easier than you think).

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  • rice krispy chocolate egg nest

    Crispy Rice Chocolate Egg Nests

    These adorable chocolate egg nests are the perfect dessert for easter. They’re easy to make with no baking and look so impressive! Watch our how-to video in this post.

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  • global pop playlist

    Global Pop

    Exploring the globe is a daily occurrence at Fair Trade Winds as we celebrate the culture and craftsmanship of communities worldwide. Similarly, our musical horizons span the globe. In this week’s jukebox playlist we’re exploring global pop sounds.

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  • easter basket fair trade

    Top 10 Fair Trade Easter Basket Gift Ideas

    Make Easter fair! Ditch the sugar, and fill Easter baskets for every age with fair trade gifts that are meaningful, creative, and heartfelt. We have many ethical gifts to celebrate the arrival of spring and new beginnings.

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