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  • modern soul playlist

    Freshly Cut Soul

    There’s little that’s more enjoyable than intoxicating soul music on a sunny day. We’ve compiled a playlist of freshly cut soul to accompany the growth and possibility of spring and summer.

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  • world fair trade day open doors

    World Fair Trade Day: Open Doors

    May 13th is World Fair Trade Day! This year, join us as we celebrate the inclusivity of fair trade relationships and the fair trade community’s efforts to open doors for artisans and farmers around the world.

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  • earth day everyday

    Earth Day Everyday with Fair Trade

    One of the guiding principles of fair trade is environmental sustainability, and caring for the earth and each other is at the center of what we do. At our stores, we carry products that are very obviously eco-friendly and up-cycled—like animals made of recycled cans, bags made of discarded cement bags, or bowls made of old bike chains. These products

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  • reggae revival playlist

    What We’re Spinning: Reggae Revival

    Much like fair trade as a whole, contemporary reggae demands justice while celebrating and loving the people that inspire the causes of justice and equity. This week’s playlist is jam packed and explores the sonic and lyrical diversity of a new generation of inspiring reggae artists.

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  • fair trade hibiscus sangria

    Fair Trade Hibiscus Sangria

    Thanks to the juicy sweet pineapple and oranges and the dried black currant, cranberry, blueberry, elderberry fruit in the Little Berry Hibiscus Tea, this sangria recipe doesn’t need any added sugar to be delicious, unlike traditional sangria recipes. Get the recipe!

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  • warm quinoa salad

    Fair Trade Almond Quinoa Salad

    This bright, filling salad can be served warm or cold and would be an excellent side dish to any springtime meal, or eat on its own for a nutritious lunch. The mint and lemon make each bite fresh and lively, and the almonds and arugula add a texture-filled crunch.

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  • bunny fruit platter

    Fair Trade Fruit Platter Bunny

    Give your next brunch a full spring theme with this cute fruit platter bunny. Watch our how-to video in our latest post! (It’s easier than you think).

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  • rice krispy chocolate egg nest

    Crispy Rice Chocolate Egg Nests

    These adorable chocolate egg nests are the perfect dessert for easter. They’re easy to make with no baking and look so impressive! Watch our how-to video in this post.

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  • global pop playlist

    Global Pop

    Exploring the globe is a daily occurrence at Fair Trade Winds as we celebrate the culture and craftsmanship of communities worldwide. Similarly, our musical horizons span the globe. In this week’s jukebox playlist we’re exploring global pop sounds.

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  • easter basket fair trade

    Top 10 Fair Trade Easter Basket Gift Ideas

    Make Easter fair! Ditch the sugar, and fill Easter baskets for every age with fair trade gifts that are meaningful, creative, and heartfelt. We have many ethical gifts to celebrate the arrival of spring and new beginnings.

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  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart

    Okay, so our definition of what constitutes a “pie” is a little fuzzy, haha. Last year we made a Pineapple Pizza for Pi Day and this year we ventured into tart territory with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart.

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  • Why We Are Staying OPEN on “A Day Without a Woman”

    All Fair Trade Winds+Momentum stores will be open on Wednesday, March 8th in solidarity with the women artisans we support around the world. They rely on our business and we respect their hard work by staying open.

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  • Inspired Justice

    The terms “free and fair trade” do no not belong in a phrase together. Fair trade alone stands for justice and inclusivity for all those involved.

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  • Solidarity Music

    We asked our resident vinyl-expert, Philip, for his take on songs to inspire solidarity and resistance. Fair trade is all about embracing our diversity, standing up for what’s right – jam on!

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  • muddy-buddies-recipe

    Fair Trade Muddy Buddies

    Muddy Buddies or Puppy Chow (or whatever name you call it) can be fair trade! Elevate this cereal-centered classic by switching to fair trade ingredients. It’s finger-lickin’ good!

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  • fair-trade-quinoa-patties

    Little Quinoa Patties

    Sometimes your body needs protein, but you just aren’t in the mood for meat. Quinoa, it turns out, is an excellent source of protein, with over 8 grams in each serving. These little patties also have egg and cheese for an extra boost of protein. Add a small salad on the side and you’ve got a terrifically healthy lunch. There are about

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  • human rights fair trade

    Fair Trade is a Human Right

    “…act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” On this day in 1948, the U.N. signed the Declaration of Human Rights. Today, many people are still lacking these undeniable rights. As we gear up to the holiday season, let the spirit of brotherhood/sisterhood surround you and remind you to think of all others as your brothers and sisters. Take

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  • social development program

    Sponsoring Artisan Training in India

    One of our artisan partners in India, Matr Boomie, gave us an opportunity to sponsor a social development project in India, and we jumped at the chance! These projects are part of Matr Boomie’s ongoing commitment to their artisans and to the mission of fair trade. Matr Boomie’s work through projects like this helps build up artisan communities to boost long-term development, giving

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  • iced tea ice cubes

    Fair Trade Tea Ice Cubes

    Nothing beats the summer heat like an ice cold glass of iced tea. We cooled off with a batch made of fair trade Choice Organic peach green tea and northwest blackberry. The combination is perfect for summer afternoons with a bit of sweetness from the peach and half the caffeine since northwest blackberry is an herbal tea. It’s hard to

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  • watermelon pico de gallo

    Fair Trade Watermelon Pico de Gallo

    We can never get enough watermelon around here (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, repeat!) It’s easy for little hands to hold and little teeth to chew — and adults love it too, of course. Our summer is happier and juicier because of it. Thankfully, we have spotted fair trade watermelons in lots of places at a great price — look for

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  • zaatar flatbread

    Lebanese Flatbread with Za’atar

    Mana’eesh bi Za’atar Lebanese Flatbread with Za’atar Mana’eesh can be eaten plain or served with olive oil or hummus for dipping. It is also commonly eaten by topping with tomatoes, olives, basil, or cheese. This recipe was adapted from The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook by Tess Mallos and recipes taught to me by my Lebanese friends and family. Enjoy! – Avery

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  • strawberry cake

    Fair Trade Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

    Fair Trade Strawberry Buttermilk Cake Adapted from Smitten Kitchen Strawberries are abundant and so juicy this time of year, and fair trade strawberries are easy to find at most grocery stores. We couldn’t resist featuring them in this easy, light, and moist cake. It also gave us an excuse to make whipped cream, lightly sweetened with fair trade sugar. Dive

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  • Celebrating 10 Years in Fair Trade with a New Look!

    We opened our first Fair Trade Winds on World Fair Trade Day in May 2007. It was a tiny little shop up in Bar Harbor, ME, right between a novelty clock shop and a touristy souvenir store. Bar Harbor is a tourist town, with a flood of people who visit in the summer. They go camping and hiking in Acadia National

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  • zuchinni pancakes

    Fair Trade Zucchini Pancakes

    Growing up, I always remember a plethora of zucchini growing in our garden each summer. I would always find at least one more hiding after I thought I picked the last one! My mom would make zucchini pancakes as a special treat — a perfect way to use up the zucchini that grew too large. When I found fair trade

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  • Heirloom Quality: Redefining Value Through Fair Trade

    With the rise of manufacturing, the art of creating and passing down heirlooms has dwindled. Fair trade, however, has the potential to change this. There is something “heirloom-like” about fair trade products in the sense that they are handcrafted using traditional techniques, unique to a geographical area, and they are made with pride.

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  • fair trade pizza

    Fair Trade Pi Day

    Happy Pi Day! Normally, we’d use any excuse to make pie, cause pie is just the best, but we were wracking our brains trying to figure out what kind of fair trade pie to make for Pi Day and came up with nothing. It’s actually pretty hard to find fair trade fruit. We couldn’t find any fair trade apples or

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  • fair trade brownies

    Mouthwatering 4-Ingredient Fair Trade Brownies

    How do brownies in 30 minutes flat sound to you? Fair trade brownies in 30 minutes sound even yummier! We found a bunch of easy brownie recipes online using Nutella, but we have our own fair trade version from Barefoot & Chocolate that is even more delicious and GMO-free. Smile when you take a bite out of these! Recipe makes

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  • fair trade news

    All the Latest: Fair Trade in the News

    There’s lots happening in the world, with info coming at you from all angles. Here’s an overview of a few interesting articles we found lately from the fair trade world, to keep you updated, including: child labor in your chocolate, end fast fashion, & financing growth in fair trade.

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  • balsamic chocolate glaze carrots

    Roasted Carrots with Fair Trade Balsamic Chocolate Syrup

    Roasted Carrots with Fair Trade Balsamic Chocolate Syrup Adapted from Theo Chocolate: Recipes & Sweet Secrets from Seattle’s Favorite Chocolate Maker, published by Sasquatch Press.  In the rare chance that you have any Valentine’s Day chocolate leftover, or you’re looking for a nutritious yet decadent side dish for dinner tonight, then this recipe is for you! These carrots are easy

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  • roasted tomato quinoa soup

    Roasted Fair Trade Tomato & Quinoa Soup

    You gotta love recipes that are quick and easy, but still healthy. We turned this roasted veggie soup recipe into a Fair Trade recipe by using Fair Trade USA certified tomatoes and Alter Eco quinoa. The quinoa makes this soup pretty hearty so you could have cornbread or other bread on the side and make it a meal! The recipe calls for

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  • fair trade myths

    Fair Trade Myths: Part 7

    People often wonder what percentage of the price of a fair trade product goes back to the artisan. This is a myth – the artisans do not have to rely on retail stores sending money back to the artisans. Rather, the artisans are paid up front in full, a fair wage for their work.

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  • 16 Ways to Be Fair in 2016

    While we hustle and bustle all year long, here are 16 ideas to keep you motivated to be fair this year! Some are easier than others, some you can do everyday, and some take a bit more effort, but you’ve got all year! Let’s get started!

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  • fair trade cinnamon french toast

    Fair Trade Cinnamon French Toast

    We have made a lot of yummy recipes with fair trade ingredients, but this is our first foray into fair trade breakfast! This french toast is elevated with the sweet crunch of fair trade cinnamon sugar, and you don’t even have to get out your frying pan. It can even be made ahead — it is easy to prepare the

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  • star wars cookies

    Fair Trade Star Wars Cookies

    There’s been an awakening, have you felt it? The Force (or fork) has been strong in fair trade land these days, telling us to make some fair trade sugar cookies! Here are Grandma’s Turkey Cookies with a reboot for 2016 — the dough was awakened by the Force. Same recipe, different cookie cutters. Fair Trade Star Wars Cookies Ingredients: 3

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  • Another Great Fair Trade Year!

    Fair Trade Winds + Momentum were founded with the purpose of creating a positive impact in the lives of artisans around the world by offering their handcrafted products and sharing their stories in our stores. As the new year gets underway, we’re proud to say that we’ve stayed true to this goal and have told 133,243 stories this year! If

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  • fair trade butter crunch almond toffee

    Fair Trade Butter Crunch Almond Toffee

    Our recipe for Fair Trade Butter Crunch Almond Toffee is as scrumptious as it sounds! Wrap a few pieces in a cellophane bag with a festive ribbon and it makes a great holiday treat!

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  • Festive Gourd Ornaments

    Festive gourd ornaments make terrific holiday gifts! Learn about how they’re made and the artisans they support in the Andean mountains in Peru.

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  • fair trade sugar turkey cookies

    Grandma’s (Fair Trade) Turkey Cookies

    Thanksgiving is a big holiday in our family. There’s usually around 20 of us, gathered at our aunt’s house in Ohio for three days of non-stop eating, drinking, and being merry. It’s the one time of year we can all get together and we’ve come to enjoy it more and more as we’ve all gotten older. We have all the

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  • Fair Trade Red Eye Beef Stew

    Put some pep in your dinner! Before turkey steals the spotlight at Thanksgiving, give beef a chance. A few spoonfuls of this stew will perk you right up. Recipe tip: Caffeine does not “cook out”  like alcohol does, so use decaf coffee in your stew if you avoid caffeine in the evening. Adapted from Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner. We

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  • gingerbread spice latte recipe

    Fair Trade Gingerbread Spice, and Everything Nice

    Fall is here, and festively flavored coffee drinks have reappeared on coffee shop menus. The concoctions conjure memories of our favorite holiday desserts, and we imagine sitting by the fireplace in our cozy pajamas, inhaling the spicy-sweet aromas, and savoring each sip. But if the coffee isn’t fair trade, then we can’t enjoy it. The price is steep. And the

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  • Craftspring: Women Empowered Through Tradition

    This is the 7th installment of our “Conversations” series where we interview our fair trade partners about their work with artisans around the world. Today’s post takes us to Kyrgysztan, a mountainous country where felting is a way of life. Craftspring works with women in Kyrgyzstan to create a variety of beautiful felt products like ornaments and other decorations for the

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  • 5 Reasons to Shop Fair Trade for the Holidays

    Whether you’re one of those people who plan your holiday gifting in a neat little list, considering every detail, or you wait until the last minute and hope for inspiration, including fair trade products in your gifting is a win-win for your “giftees” and the people who made them! Read our top 5 Reasons to Shop Fair Trade for the Holidays.

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  • Literacy Program Sponsorship in India

    We’re excited to announce a new partnership with one of our artisans partners, Matr Boomie, to sponsor a Literacy Program for women and children in rural or urban low income areas.

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  • fair trade popcorn recipe

    Scary Good Fair Trade Popcorn

    Halloween is a great time to make popcorn – it’s a festive snack that can easily be made salty or sweet, depending on your mood or the occasion. We decided to test two fair trade recipes: Fall Spice Popcorn and Cocoa Popcorn. They pair well together and you could use them for a Halloween Party or just a fun snack this week as you’re getting in the spooky spirit!

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  • Fair Trade Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares

    Moist and cakey chocolate chip bars with a fun seasonal pumpkin twist! Substitute fair trade ingredients for the sugar, vanilla and spices and you’ve got one delicious fair trade fall treat!

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  • 360° Fair Trade

    As members of the Fair Trade Federation, we make one of the deepest commitments in the fair trade world. To become members, we undergo rigorous screening and strive to create positive change through all of our work: socially, economically, and environmentally. Learn more about our FTF membership and how it makes us different.

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  • fair trade month

    Fair Trade Month 2015

    Fair Trade Month is all about celebrating the talented people behind the products we love. Here’s 5 easy ways to celebrate including ways to get involved and how to win fun giveaways!

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  • Fair Trade Double Chocolate Banana Bread

    You won’t be able to resist this easy recipe for Double Chocolate Banana Bread using fair trade ingredients! The cocoa powder and chocolate chunks make this a delicious decadent treat!

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  • hand in hand soap

    Hand in Hand: Helping Haiti Rebuild

    We caught up with Bill, Courtney and Zofia of Hand in Hand in New York at the NYNOW gift show to see their new product lines and chat about their on-going projects in Haiti. We emailed them some questions about their most recent trip to Haiti and Zofia kindly answered, giving us a great insiders perspective on their work.

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  • peruvian arpilleras

    Arpilleras: A Peruvian Folk Art Tradition

    Arpilleras: A Peruvian Folk Art Tradition Lucuma Designs began working with Arpilleras artisans in the late 90s, but the art itself started back in the 70s. It was a time of turmoil in Peru and the social unrest in the city forced many Andean communities to retreat to the outskirts of Lima to be safe and have a better life. When

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