DIY Finger Puppet Theater

DIY Finger Puppet Theater
January 24, 2014 Sarah Culler

Our finger puppets are one of our best sellers because they are so wonderfully crafted.  Artisans in Peru hand-knit each one from Alpaca or Organic cotton making them super soft and fun to play with for all ages (you’d be surprised how many adults buy them for themselves!)

The DIY finger puppet theater is a great project, sent to us by a customer who bought finger puppets for her 2 year old nephew, Henry.


She used cardboard for the theater frame and cut the curtain shape out of the front and painted in the details.  To use it, you just simply hold the finger puppets behind the theater and use your other fingers to support the frame.

It’s small enough that it’s portable so you can make the backdrop whatever you have around the house, like the painting shown here, or you could make your own backdrops.  You could even make a bigger theater that stood on its own that way more than one person could have finger puppets in the “show.”


Featured here are the monkey and kangaroo finger puppets, but our stores have hundreds of different animals to choose from!


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