Fair Trade Brands

fair trade brands

Fair Trade Brands

Shop brands that are fully committed to making trade as fair as possible. These Fair Trade companies are passionate about cooperatively creating products that are practical, meaningful and well-crafted. Artisans often use age-old traditional techniques, and sometimes they inventively use recycled materials that would otherwise go to waste. No matter what part of the world they are working in, these Fair Trade Brands represent a dedication to making the world more equal, more sustainable and more just.

Click on the logos below to learn more about the impact of the work these Fair Trade companies are doing, and the inspiring products the artisans make.

Housewares and Jewelry

Beauty and Skin Care Products

Scarves, Jewelry, and Handbags

Peacebomb Jewelry

Home Decor made in Bali

Telephone Wire Bowls and Products From South Africa

Felted Ornaments and Decorations

Beaded and Glass Jewelry

Restoring lives, one elegant tee at a time.

Products of War Recycled into Jewelry

Nature Transformed into Jewelry and Accessories

Organic Pima Cotton Clothing

Handmade Goods from over 30 Countries

Handmade Accents from Around the World

Dresses, Aprons, and Kitchen Textiles Made by Women from Ghana

Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

Hand-Block Printed Table Linens

Handcrafted Bags, Wallets, and Accessories

Hand Knitted Sweaters and Winter Accessories

Beaded Jewelry Supporting a Cause

Mayan Pottery and Textiles

Organic Cotton Basics and Clothes

Bags and Accessories Designed to Fight Human Trafficking

Handmade Dresses and Jewelry

Traditional Indian Crafts, Jewelry, Accessories, and Journals

Bags, Purses, and Wallets

Indian Metalwork and Home Decorations

Hand Knit Dolls and Toys from Bangladesh

Ornately Quilled Greeting Cards from Vietnam

Hand Stitched Indian Tunics

Woven Alpaca Products

Jewelry Designed to Fight Human Trafficking

Hand Loomed Kitchen Textiles

Hand Woven Bracelets

Woven Alpaca Products

Kantha Blankets, Jewelry, and Accessories

Hand Woven Ethiopian Textiles