Felting a future for new generations



Craftspring partners with the amazing female entrepreneurs to help them further expand their markets, grow, and support their communities.  Through the art of felting artisans are able to preserve traditional crafts and to cultivate the skills once passed on from mother to daughter as a way to support and preserve their local communities.  Their hand-made gifts and ornaments are rich in spirit inspiring adventure everywhere they land.


Craftspring works with 12 artisan workshops all operated and started by women across North Kyrgyzstan, employing 60 fulltime staff as well as 100 part-time workers. Craftspring provides opportunity for the women they work with, preserves and cares for the environment from which the raw production materials derive, and celebrates a centuries-old tradition of hand-crafted wet felting.  All of this helps to provide for the health and well-being of the woman working in the workshops and their neighboring communities.

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