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We interviewed Matr Boomie founder, Manish Gupta, on the impact of their sustainability as a fair trade organization. They are the first fair trade wholesale company to create a sustainability report to be able to analyze each product they create. Read the whole story on the blog.

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Matr Boomie has an expansive network of over 20,000 artisans across India. 70% of the artisans they work with are women, a key factor in their approach to creating opportunities for sustainable livelihoods. Their impressive artisan network allows them to feature many distinctly Indian crafts that are traditional in the different regions in which they work.


To improve the economic and social standing of underprivileged people in the world by reinforcing local economies and creating self-sustainable employment through just and responsible practices.


Matr Boomie works with over 20,000 artisans across India.  In addition to paying a fair wage, they work to improve the resources available such as healthcare, education, water and energy.  Many communities are located in rural, desert areas so Matr Boomie has helped them with projects like solar panels and water conservation.

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Matr Boomie products are all handmade – check out the progression of their eyeglass holder made from a chunk of sustainable, local Indian Rosewood!

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A woman weaves on a traditional loom – keeping cultural traditions and art forms alive is very important and one of the 9 fair trade principles.

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Matr Boomie visits their artisans regularly, even bringing along guests from the U.S. to see the artisans and the impact of their work first hand!

Click to read Matr Boomie's full impact report.

Click to read Matr Boomie’s full impact report.

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