Fair Trade Chocolate Recipe: Cherry Heart Scones

Fair Trade Chocolate Recipe: Cherry Heart Scones
February 6, 2014 Sarah Culler

This Fair Trade chocolate recipe uses flaky golden scones with chunks of tart cherry to balance the mix!

scone heart

When we got in the new Theo Chocolate Valentine’s Day bars, we thought the My Cherry Baby sounded perfect to mix into a batch of Women’s Bean Project Scone Mix.  We love their baking mixes because they are so easy to use – you just have to add 2 eggs, cream and butter for the scones, and we recommended adding chocolate or dried fruit.  We broke up half a bar for this batch, but you could use a whole bar.


We added the chocolate chunks at the end and used a heart shaped cookie cutter to mold them into palm-sized hearts.

scone mix

The dough was a bit sticky so we used plenty of flour on our hands and the cutting surface.  We also recommend putting parchment paper or a silpat down on the cookie tray.  They kept their shape pretty well, but they did stretch out a bit in baking.  We got about two dozen scones out of this batch.  So yummy, this is the perfect Valentine’s treat!  Enjoy!

heart scones


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