Fair Trade Empowers Women



Facts about Women’s Rights

Women bear the responsibility of collecting water for their families, and can spend up to 6 hours each day to fetch it — some have to walk nearly 4 miles to reach the nearest water source.

Women spend a disproportionate amount of time doing unpaid care work. They spend an average of 1-3 hours more a day on housework and care for children or extended family members up to 10 times more per day than men.

Across the world, women earn about 60-75% less than what men earn. Women often work informal, unpaid jobs, with less mobility in formal job settings and unequal representation in unions.

Why Fair Trade Matters

Fair trade gives women the chance to earn a living for themselves. They can provide for their families without relying on their husband or others.

Women working in fair trade cooperatives have the opportunity to become leaders among their peers. Many fair trade workers become entrepreneurs, enlisting other women to work with and for them.

Women and men work equally in fair trade organizations with no prejudice towards gender, age, religion, or other personal orientation.

fair trade fights wage gap

fair trade fights human trafficking

How Fair Trade Works


Empowerment in Action

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