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Fashion Industry Facts

The world of fashion is a fast one. Today, the industry is worth almost $1 trillion, with billions of garments consumed each year. It is unsustainable, bad for the earth, and bad for the millions of workers who make as low as $68 a month in countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia. Fair trade fashion aims to change this.

When you shop fair trade, you know that every care was taken to make sure artisans are treated with dignity and respect. With any garment you purchase, try to think about the hands that held it, about the person who worked to create it. More than 40 million people work in the fashion industry – that’s a whole lot of people. When you buy fair trade clothing, you know exactly who made you’re clothes, and you know they were treated the way you’d want to be treated, so they can build better futures for themselves and their families.

Now that’s fashion that makes a statement!

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fair trade labels

If you want to shop fair, it’s important to know your labels. There are several ways you can be sure that a piece of clothing is made ethically:

1) It has a Fair Trade Certified logo from Fair Trade U.S.A., Fair Trade international or Fair For Life on it.

2) It was made by an organization that is a member of the Fair Trade Federation or the World Fair Trade Organization. You can find their membership logos on the company website most likely.

3) If you’re not sure about a company’s practices, chances are they aren’t completely ethical or sustainable. If they were, they’d want to advertise and let you know.

Learn more about fair trade logos & certifications.