Gifts that Give Back

gifts that give back


The Endangered Collection, from Acacia Creations, includes hand-rolled paper bead jewelry and carved wooden ornaments. 5% of the item prices will benefit animal conservation worldwide through their partnerships with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and The Sea Turtle Conservancy.


Elephants live in inter-generational families and are capable of deep emotional bonds, just like humans. But 33,000 elephants a year are slaughtered for their ivory tusks. Together we can stop the elephant crisis!


We donate $5 from every sale of our Upcycled Bullhorn Necklace to the Elephant Crisis Fund, a nonprofit organization that works to stop elephant poaching, trafficking, and demand for ivory.


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Hand in Hand Gives Back to Help Rebuild Haiti

For every product sold, they donate a bar of soap and work to install clean water wells.




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A portion of sales from The Leakey Collection’s grass bead bracelets goes to development programs like children’s education, clean water and healthy gardening for the Masaii of Kenya.

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