Host an Anti-Trafficking Sale

Fight Human Trafficking & Transform Lives

Host an Anti-Trafficking Sale

Join a movement of women empowering women! Connect your friends and community with artisans around the world by hosting a fair trade sale. Your support creates opportunities for artisans to transform their lives and give their families a better life.

Your sale furthers the anti-trafficking movement by providing dignified employment to exploited women. Having fair trade work means women are not vulnerable to the trappings of preying traffickers. Become an advocate for change; even a small effort can create real and meaningful change in the lives of exploited women.



Join the Movement

By hosting an anti-trafficking sale, you can join the movement to fight modern-day slavery. It is a global problem affecting over 20 million people and it occurs in nearly every country, but is far worse in South East Asia. In addition to providing a fair wage, our fair trade partners work tirelessly to provide safe spaces, emotional respect, and general support for women survivors. In some cases our partners are the only anti-trafficking organization in their city so our support is all the more critical.


Share the Story

Tell your friends and family about the issues surrounding human-trafficking and let them know that their purchase can make a real difference. As the Starfish Project tells us in the Starfish Parable, never under estimate the power a single person can have to make positive change. Each woman’s story of survival is a signal of hope. Their stories inspire us to spread the message of fair trade and the positive change it can create, woman by woman.


Change the World

We may not be able to end trafficking overnight or save all of the victims, but each woman working with our fair trade partners is a woman saved from trafficking and that’s real change! Fair trade provides safe, secure work so that women can become independent and provide for their families. They learn to use their unique skills to craft products like jewelry, bags, and cards. When you buy fair trade, these everyday objects become elevated to represent a more free world where people and the planet are valued over profit.

We want to see a world where no one is exploited for the things we buy and use everyday – join us in this endeavor!

How it works:


Fill out our contact form on the bottom of this page to get started.

Take a look at our Human Trafficking page for facts about who it affects and what can be done. 

Set a date and time for your event. You should plan your event at least a month ahead of time.

Start planning. Recruit a couple friends to help you host and prepare for your event.

Promote your sale – the earlier the better! Use any outlets you can including social media, email, and good old fashioned telephone calls, etc. 

Set up your sale. Have fun and be creative with the display!

Check inventory. Take note of any products left unsold and mail back to us.

Keep 10% of the sales for yourself or donate to a local mission or program of your choosing and pay us for the remainder. 

Celebrate! You’ve hosted a sale and helped transform the lives of formerly-trafficked women around the world.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll receive for your anti-trafficking sale:


You’ll also receive:

  • Tent cards with information about each artisan group
  • A few jewelry stands for your display
  • A sign explaining The Starfish Parable
  • Smaller info cards about each artisan group for your guests to take with products

Helpful Resources:

Human Trafficking Fact Sheet


Fair Trade Federation Principles


Fair Trade Winds Values


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**You don’t have to pin all of these details down right now, but the more we know the better we can help you plan your Fair Trade Winds Anti-Trafficking Sale! Feel free to tell us anything else that you think we might need to know.