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host fair trade winds sale


Host a Fair Trade Sale

Connect your community with artisans and farmers around the world by hosting a fair trade sale in your church, school or community center. Your support creates opportunities for artisans to improve their lives and give their families a better life.

Our beautifully crafted items range from jewelry and accessories to home goods and holiday items. Handmade products make wonderful gifts and mean so much more than traditional mass-produced items. Consider meaningful holiday gifts this year and support fair trade!

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host a fair trade sale

How it works:


Fill out our contact form on the bottom of this page to get started.

Browse our event best sellers to get an idea of the range of great fair trade products we can send.

Set a date and time for your event. You should plan your event at least a month ahead of time.

Start planning. Recruit volunteers and consider partnering with another church, group or event to get the most attendance.

Promote your sale – the earlier the better! Use any outlets you can including social media, bulletin inserts, email newsletters, posters, etc. 

Set up your sale. Have fun and be creative with the display!

Check inventory. Take note of any products left unsold and mail back to us.

Keep 10% of the sales for a local mission or program of your choosing and pay us for the remainder. 

Celebrate! You’ve hosted a sale and helped provide opportunities for artisans and farmers around the world.



Helpful Resources:

Sale Poster


Fair Trade Winds Values


Fair Trade Federation Principles


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  • What date(s)/times will you hold the event?
  • Where will your sale take place (ie. what city, church, school, etc.)
  • How many people do you expect to attend?
  • Will it be open to the community or just to your church/school/organization?
  • How much space will you have to set up the event? How many tables?
  • Have you done a sale like this before (is it an existing event) or will this be the first time?

**You don’t have to pin all of these details down right now, but the more we know the better we can help you plan your Fair Trade Winds Sale! Feel free to tell us anything else that you think we might need to know.