Inspired Justice

Inspired Justice
February 20, 2017 Sarah Culler


In honor of World Day of Social Justice today, we’re sharing a joint statement on what true fair trade is all about. Recently, all the major fair trade organizations in North America released a joint statement to reclaim “fair trade” as a term that represents the movement of workers around the world. Politicians have misused the term in recent months to further their interests and those of elite businesses while diminishing the importance of worker rights and the very interconnected nature of our global society. The terms “free and fair trade” do no not belong in a phrase together. Fair trade alone stands for justice and inclusivity for all those involved.

True fair trade is about mutually beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect spanning geographic and cultural boundaries. 

We have signed on to the statement in full support of furthering the fair trade movement and creating a more equal and just society. As the statement says:

If we hope for a society that is more equal and just we must press trade into the service of people.


Click here to read the full joint statement.


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