Our Story: A Fair Trade Family

We care about family. We’re a family business that considers all of our artisan partners and customers as members of one big extended family. We’re all on this planet together and when we work cooperatively we can create incredible change!

We believe :







People and the planet should not be exploited for the things we buy.

It is important to us that people’s rights are respected in the workplace. We partner with artisan co-ops and small workshops that are mindful of the materials that are used and re-used. This protects the planet from harmful waste and pollution.







People should be paid fairly for their work.

A fair wage means men and women are paid equally. It means people can afford to send their kids to school and access quality health care. A fair wage helps ensure a decent standard of living and secure a future for artisans’ and farmers’ families.







Our everyday purchases can have a positive impact on the world.

Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a pair of socks, or a birthday card for a new friend, there are fair trade products for every day and every occasion. We believe fair trade products can be practical. They’re also beautiful, useful and unique. When you’re out on a shopping trip, think fair trade first!







Small, local businesses are the heartbeat of our communities.

It is really important for us to have fair trade stores in our local communities where we live and work. We envision a time when every town has a fair trade store they can visit!







Every product has a story.

If you listen closely, every product will tell you of the hands that held it and crafted it with care. Every stitch, bead, carve, cut, sand and polish represents a moment an artisan has spent, practicing and perfecting her craft. Handcrafted products celebrate the traditions of cultures around the world.

fair trade cycle

Fair Trade Winds provides something a typical shopping experience doesn’t – unique gifts with purpose. Shoppers can feel confident that a significant percentage of their purchase goes directly to the artisans and farmers who created it, all over the world.

Purchasing fair trade products marks a distinguished path towards equality, sustainability, and positive change. This direct, non-discriminatory relationship helps artisans, families, and communities become self-sustaining. We provide a market for fair trade commodities and crafts so artisans and farmers can improve their lives. They are given the tools to invest time and money into their talents, land, families, community, healthcare, and education.

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A Fair Trade Beginning

We were familiar with fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolate through buying and selling these products at our church for many years, through Lutheran World Relief. But where could we buy other fair trade products and gifts? Our curiosity lead us to discover the Fair Trade Federation of North America, and we immediately connected with a committed group of fair trade wholesalers and who work with countless artisan groups in various parts of the world. We wanted to share and promote these beautiful, handmade treasures in the communities in which we live and work, so that fair trade products could be more easily accessible to everyone.

We started small by selling products locally at fairs, events, and churches. Eventually, we invested in a retail space and Fair Trade Winds was born. Today, our extended family operates six stores which are an integral part of a cooperative effort to benefit farmers, artisans, and the environment. We are committed to the 9 PRINCIPLES OF FAIR TRADE as outlined by the Fair Trade Federation.