Block Print Napkins Set/4 – Mosambi Window

Block Print Napkins Set/4 – Mosambi Window

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Set of 4 cotton napkins.

Size: 18″ x 18″

100% Cotton. Hand or machine wash cold.

All of the Jubilee Traders linens are produced by artisans using a traditional method of hand-block printing that has been an important art in the Rajasthan region of India for generations. If you look closely, you can sometimes identify the borders of the blocks and verify the handmade process.

**Learn more about Jubilee Traders and the artisans who made this product.

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Hand Block Printed

Jaipur, India has a had a tradition of hand block printing textiles dating back centuries.  Artisans continue that tradition as each textile is hand block printed.  Careful craftsmanship and a cultural reservoir of knowledge coalesces into stunning hand made textiles.

Communal Efforts

Sometimes it takes a village. In this instance, community members come together to form a team that handles the herculean task of producing a single textile.  It takes many hands and over 10 hours to complete each piece. The resulting textiles are as spectacular as the impact fair and sustainable wages have on workers and their community.

The Art of Block Printing

People Behind the Brand

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