Gecko Leaf Lamp – Orange

Gecko Leaf Lamp – Orange


The lampshade on this charming gecko lamp is made from fossilized cocoa leaves off of cocoa trees. Artisans in the Philippines dry the leaves for months, then carefully rub them until they are skeletons, then dye them. They pick the best shaped leaves for the lamps. The frame of the gecko is wrought iron wrapped in natural abaca twine.

Size: 16″L x 7″W x 24″H

Max 40 watt bulb (CFL or LED recommended).

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Sustainable Materials

By utilizing natural and recycled materials as well as low impact dyes Eanege’s lamps have minimal impact on their environment.  Their commitment to eco-conscious construction is present at every step of the process.

Community Impact

Eangee’s presence in the Philippines has seen production expand from lamps destined for tourists to a full fledged design and production operation. The resulting growth has led to fairer wages, safe working environments, access to healthcare and education, and quality housing.

Empowering Women

Eangee supports equality in the workplace by training and employing both men and women who work cooperatively.  Importantly this provides meaningful employment to female artisans and affords them independence both at work and at home.

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