Spooky Chili Dogs

Spooky Chili Dogs
October 26, 2017 Sarah Culler

fair trade chili dog

As Halloween approaches, hot dogs wrapped in dough made to look like mummies (“mummy dogs”) are a fun, easy way to get in the spooky spirit. But could we make this Halloween meal do a bit of good? We consciously incorporate fair trade products and practices into our daily life, like using fair trade soap (we love Alaffia!) and drinking the best fair trade coffee. Our bowl of candy for trick-or-treaters is filled with Glee Pops. With a little creativity, mummy dogs meal can be fair trade, too!

We paired the mummies with smoky, spicy Firehouse #10 Chili from Women’s Bean Project, a social enterprise that changes women’s lives by providing them stepping stones to self-sufficiency. We followed the directions on the package for the chili and added onion, tomatoes, red pepper sautéed in fair trade olive oil. Top it with chopped fair trade avocado and dig in!

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