Sustainable Tatami Grass Purses

Sustainable Tatami Grass Purses
June 2, 2014 Sarah Culler

baskets of cambodia

These lovely purses our one of our top sellers in Bar Harbor! They are made from woven tatami grass by a company called Baskets of Cambodia, which is the same material Cambodians use to make their floor mats out of. The grass grows prevalently during the monsoon season so it is a sustainable material to use for purses. The artisans dye the grass, cut it, weave it into panels that they then stitch together to make the purses. We don’t have any blue purses in our stores, but you can get an idea of the process of dyeing the grass from the picture below.


The tatami grass purses come in several shapes and sizes, but each one is carefully designed to allow for ease of use and comfort. The insides of the purses have lots of pockets to organize everything you might need to carry. Some designs are clutches, some are shoulder bags and others are smaller hybrid bags that have braided straps you can hook together to make a crossbody bag or keep short and use as a small purse. There are even handy eyeglass cases. These bags make terrific gifts, and people often buy one for themselves and one for their friends or grandchildren because they are so unique!

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